#NRF2019: AB InBev testing drones to keep tabs on in-store stock

International brewer AB InBev has been testing the use of drones in a grocery store in Canada.

Retail out-of-stocks represent a significant challenge for CPG companies and their retail partners, as they can lead to millions of dollars in lost sales. - Andrew Green, Global Director of Innovation at AB InBev

Keeping track of inventory and gap-filling by in-store associates is a costly exercise for retailers, but new technology is emerging all the time to aid brands and retailers in this space – and automate the process in various ways.

Trax, for example, offers brands access to computer vision technology that enables them to monitor the success of promotions and in-store performance. The technology has recently been rolled out to directly serve retailers and allow them to automate tasks and free up staff for more customer-facing roles – the likes of Tesco in the UK are testing it.

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