Shopper Insights and Behaviours Conference 2019

About the event

Monetising Insights Into The Latest Shopper Behaviours, Missions & Trends

Game-changing tech like Ai and advanced data science now unlock powerful insights empower decision makers across retail. But how can you monetise these insights to unlock brand growth and create proven value for your business?

Learn how you can optimise your shelf space and in-store location by leveraging "Eyes in the Store" at Shopper Insights & Behaviours 2019.

Location, Location, Location - Optimising Performance at Point of Purchase

February 28, 15.00 – 15.30 PM (GMT) | Museum of London Docklands, London

With 90 percent of purchases still taking place in the local store, not having products on shelf or having them stocked in the wrong place means lost opportunities with valued consumers. At the event this year, John Lloyd, Global Client Advisory Partner at Trax will share how Trax brings leading food & drink companies "eyes in the store" to decipher the most significant drivers of growth in each of your key categories to drive sales and positively improve the shopper experience.

To sign up and see a full conference line-up, visit the Shopper Insights Conference website.

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