ICSC’s RECon 2019

About the event

Retail has become the white-hot space for AI disruption. As retailers ramp up spending on AI from $2 billion last year to a projected $7.3 billion by 2022, what technologies in a retailer's toolkit differentiate themselves amongst fierce competition and win with modern shoppers?

At ICSC's RECon 2019, players from across the industry unite for keynotes, discussions, and innovative showcases about retail's most relevant opportunities to affect the physical store space for increased efficiencies and better, more personalized shopper interactions.

Panel Discussion: How Retailers are Using AI to Win

20 May | 10 A.M. | Westgate Hotel - Pavillion 1 & 2

Join the panel discussion of industry elites from all corners of retail pushing the physical boundaries of the store by ingraining AI to the heart of operational strategies, enhancing staff productivity and making the shopping experience exhilarating.

For more on the digital transformation of retail and best practices to intelligently manage the modern store, check out this blog The Retailer's Guide to Ai-driven Store Transformation.

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