Google Cloud Next ’18

About the event

Dynamic Inventory with Trax and Google Cloud Platform

With more than 90% of transactions still happening in a local store, having the right stock at the right time is key to driving sales. At Google Cloud Next 2018, Trax in collaboration with Google Cloud is demonstrating our new Dynamic Inventory capability that uses a unique combination of Computer Vision, Internet of Things and Machine Learning to not only track in-store inventory in real-time, but also predict future demand so that you can avoid overstocks and understocks.

Trax Gives You Eyes in the Store

The Trax-Google Donut Demo

Drop by at booth W2001 to check out our Wall of Donuts demo. Help yourself to delicious donuts from the shelf and see how our IoT cameras and sensors dynamically track the changing shelf inventory. Visualize the ebb and flow of inventory levels with easy-to-understand donut charts.

Meet Trax at Google Cloud Next '18

Visit our booth #W2001 at L2, Moscone West: Throughout Next, starting 9 AM on July 24

Attend our session, "IoT in Retail – Improve Retail Efficiency with Google Cloud IoT & Machine Learning": July 24 at 12:35 PM

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