Category Management and Shopper Insights Conference 2019

About the event

Transforming Execution Health to Transform Retail

Shoppers attention span is only 8 seconds – 1 second less than a goldfish! Brands and retailers need to get many different in-store execution levers right in order to convert shoppers into customers. But lack of execution efficiency in stores is impacting growth.

Trax leverages Computer Vision and data science to allow you to quickly capture in-outlet execution and understand how various Perfect Store elements impact sales.

Find success in your Perfect Store strategy: Meet Trax at CMA 2019

February 26, 3.15 - 3.45 PM (PST) | Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV

At the Category Management and Shopper Insights conference this year, Corliss Collier, Global Client Advisory Partner at Trax will share a big data approach to decipher the most significant drivers of growth in each of your store clusters. Learn how Mars Petcare replaced traditional modelling techniques with Trax algorithms to reinvent their Perfect Store Strategy and uplift category and brand performance.

Get answers to questions like:

  • Is there one picture of success for my brand?
  • Does Perfect Store compliance drive better sales?
  • Which in-store elements have a positive correlation to sales?
  • How to focus on the right drivers in the right stores?


For the full conference agenda, visit the CMA website.

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