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Gain On-Shelf Clarity with Computer Vision

At Trax, we believe that the ability to continuously digitise the physical shelf will be a key enabler for the next wave of retail transformation, so that every brand and retailer will have continuous visibility to every product, on every shelf across their entire store universe through a unified platform.

The next wave of transformation is rapidly affecting Australia – where retail leaders must adapt their digital strategies to gain breakthrough insights from disruptive technologies that enhance decision-making capabilities.

Casual Connect Australia

Casual Connect is a platform for FMCG professionals who are looking to increase sales force productivity, improve shelf condition insights and drive incremental sales. At these events, you will learn how to transform the health of every shelf by:

  • Transforming every SKU into actionable insight with advanced Computer Vision technology
  • Getting data off the shelf and into organisation with a single source of shelf truth to empower everyone from the field team to headquarters
  • Moving from intelligence to outcome by leveraging retail research and prescriptive analytics

Register below to experience how Trax technologies digitise products down to the SKU level to deliver granular shelf intelligence and unlock proven business value for leading CPG brands.

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