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How businesses can adapt to supply chain disruptions with Dynamic Merchandising

How Trax Dynamic Merchandising helps businesses overcome supply chain challenges.

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Contract workers improve the efficiency, flexibility, and quality of merchandising

Consumers are returning to pre-pandemic levels of in-person shopping. But retailers’ ability to meet the renewed demand is limited due to major labor shortages sweeping across the US. Retailers and CPGs need flexible, agile solutions designed to deliver retail success in our ever-evolving, digital age. Traditional merchandising models restrict retailers and CPGs to the services of fixed merchandising reps through agencies and brokers. Trax Dynamic Merchandising combines the power of its leading-edge Image Recognition technology with its on-demand, flexible merchandising workforce, Trax FlexForce.

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Winning the online grocery race: How retailers can delight customers and stay profitable

COVID-19 has significantly changed shopper behavior. Online grocery sales tripled to 10.2% of the total in 2020. By current projections, they will hit 21.5% of the estimated annual total of US grocery sales of $1,164 billion in 2025. This whitepaper explains how grocers can better fulfill orders and meet their customers’ expectations with the right technology.

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One year later: The new, post-pandemic state of the shelf

What’s changed for the consumer goods brands most affected during the pandemic buying frenzy? We used on-shelf availability (OSA) captured with Trax technology plus brand insights to explore state of the shelf today, how shelf availability for these brand categories compares to the peak of the pandemic buying frenzy and emerging trends in merchandising and sales execution.

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The new imperative at shelf for consumer goods companies

Our learnings from conversations with leading professionals in the CPG industry on how they are tackling challenges such as supply chain disruptions, field labor shortages and changing channel dynamics.

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Reclaiming CPG Growth with Analytics and Insights

The growing influence of advanced analytics and AI in an era of retail digitization.

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The Past, Present and Future of Computer Vision

This is a story about the audacious mission of teaching computers to see. Learn how Computer Vision evolved to influence transformation across industries.

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Retail Digital Transformation Starts at the Shelf

Learn how technologies like IoT, AI and AR are helping retailers to increase on-shelf availability, improve click-and-collect operations, optimize promotions, and even change the core shopping experience.

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