Webinar: What does digitization mean for the Grocery Store

Imagine if 25% of retail shopping was done online eroding the profitability of those unit transactions to negligible levels. As a consequence, physical sales quantities go down dramatically by at least 20% and 20% of small purchases are fulfilled via connected home solutions while 20% of large purchases are fulfilled directly by producers via las-mile partners. Imagine in a third of all retail jobs are automated.

All of these retail trends are emerging and progressing. In his presentation at the Fall Virtual Innovation Summit 2020, Hop Adgild, Partner, Retail Market Lead NL, Grocery Lead EU, Deloitte, talks about how the retailers must contend on several digital fronts from social media, to native mobile apps to third party partners and service providers in the battle for the digital retail consumer.

Download the webinar to learn how retailers can prepare for the inevitable digitization of Grocery.

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