Frost & Sullivan: Trax Wins 2017 Best Practices Award

2017 European Image Recognition New Product Innovation Award

Frost & Sullivan analysis reveals that a key challenge for users of image recognition technology is finding the proper solution that will address their specific consumer goods retail applications. Another challenge that image recognition solutions need to address is the sheer multiplicity of goods that are hampered by poor visual conditions – such as bad lighting and obscured items.

This Frost & Sullivan report provides a guide for buyers to evaluate image recognition solutions, based on product attributes and customer impact:

  • Match to needs
  • Reliability and quality
  • Positioning
  • Design
  • Price/Performance Value
  • Customer Purchase Experience
  • Customer Ownership Experience
  • Customer Service Experience
  • Brand Equity

Frost & Sullivan appreciates how Trax’s solutions can easily track many different types of items in virtually any visual environment.

With its overall performance and by building the capability of accurately processing as many as 40,000 images per hour during peak store hours into its cloud-based solutions to provide valuable insights, Trax has earned the 2017 Frost & Sullivan New Production Innovation Award.

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