Traxer in the Spotlight: Koh Nishimura loves challenges both at work and in the great outdoors!

Kata Kovari
Kata Kovari Employee Engagement Expert

Traxer in the Spotlight: Koh Nishimura loves challenges both at work and in the great outdoors!

Koh Nishimura is a Sales Manager who started at Trax one and a half years ago. When he’s not busy finding new leads in the Japanese market, he’s looking for the sunniest spots in town.

  1. What brought you to Trax?

I used to work with Bloomberg in a Technical/Implementation support role, solving any SaaS platform-related issues. When I heard about Trax, I was really interested in the technology behind image recognition. I was initially hired as a Data Specialist and then moved on to support the Revenue Team.  In my current role as Sales Manager, I would like to continue to help Trax Japan evolve into a bigger entity with a larger presence in the market.

  1. How does your role contribute to the success of Trax?

Like all businesses, Trax Japan needs to find new leads to grow. My experience as a Data Specialist has been especially useful in driving toward this objective. When I meet with the client, I can explain the advantages of image recognition as I am aware of the technical capabilities of Trax.  This role enables me to speak directly to the customer and act as the window into Trax Japan. It also allows me to come up with new ideas to find new leads in the market.

  1. What is your favorite memory at Trax?

Visiting the Singapore Office right after I joined, to meet the team and get to know those whom we work with internally. This was very important as Trax is such a global company and we hold a lot of remote meetings with other regions so meeting them in-person beforehand has helped me communicate better.

  1. What keeps you engaged at work and in your role?

Every week is a new challenge. I am constantly meeting new people and getting more insight into the market and learning about the trends. I am able to make a lot of new connections with clients and maintaining that relationship is also what keeps me engaged in my current role.

  1. What do you like to do outside of work? What are your hobbies? Tell us something about yourself we wouldn’t know from your CV.

I run over 200km a month. Especially when the sun is out, I have the urge to be outside. My family tells me that I am a moving plant that needs to photosynthesize!

  1. What does it mean to be a Traxer?

To be open to new challenges and to be flexible. Especially in Japan, where the team is small, you need flexibility to be able to help — or ask for help from — colleagues to get through the week.


Kata Kovari
Kata Kovari Employee Engagement Expert Kata is a psychologist responsible for wellbeing, employee engagement, recognition & reward and employer branding. When she's not coming up with wellbeing initiatives, she is usually in a park, throwing balls to her dog.
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