The Right Stores at the Right Time: How to ‘Crush It’ in Retail

The Right Stores at the Right Time: How to ‘Crush It’ in Retail

Launching in retail is one thing, understanding retail is another. Familiarity with local and regional retail markets is key for emerging CPG founders to succeed. It helps you identify key accounts for a great launch, but it also increases your chances of reaching your target customers and breaking through the noise in the retail category.

If you were a category buyer or merchandiser for one of the US’s largest retailers, how would you launch your product?

In this session, we share the insights of successful CPG founders and former Target buyers for product launches in the best-fit retail stores for early traction and success. We’ll explore the retail landscape, discussing some of the retailers and distributors that are best setup to launch innovative early-stage brands. We also discuss best practices for founders to successfully engage with buyers, boost conversions, and grow their presence to win in retail.


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