Retail Digital Transformation Starts at the Shelf

Brick-and-mortar retailers across the world have had to adapt to change – from customer behavior to new competitive threats. Staying relevant means staying close to customers, and more and more retailers are turning to digital technologies as a path to transformation.

Frontier technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Computer Vision (CV) and Augmented Reality (AR) are opening the doors to this transformation, touching store operations, last-mile execution, shopper experience and many things in between.

Just as analytics helped eCommerce retailers decode every single shopper interaction and offer personalized experience, machine learning algorithms are giving physical retailers the ability to act at the SKU-level at each location in every store.

This new breed of shelf data will provide effective ways to increase availability and forecasting accuracy, improve click-and-collect operations, optimize promotions, and even change the core shopping experience.

This whitepaper gives you a roadmap to this future. Read on to learn about:

  1. How to Get Retail Fundamentals Right
  • The blind spots in store operations today: Availability, planogram, promotions and pricing compliance
  • How Computer Vision resolves these with “eyes in the store”
  1. Achieving Operational Excellence
  • A three-pronged framework to improve operational efficiency for better shopper experience
  • How Trax helps you take targeted actions and develop profitable strategies 
  1. The Tools for Transformation
  • Instrumenting your store with right store monitoring technology: Wireless IOT cameras, robots and mobile solutions
  • A comparative view of costs and tightness of fit
  1. The Foundation for the “Future Store”
  • Envisioning the shopper experience in a ‘future store’
  • How to build a roadmap to enable the modern shopping journey

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