How Computer Vision Can Save Retailers from Costly In-Store Execution Issues

Delivering good customer experience is the rallying cry of every retail executive. To achieve this, consistent in-store execution is vital. But stores are still chaotic and even the best laid plans for such everyday functions as promotions, price changes and seasonal resets often go astray.

This report by Trax and Coresight, based on the findings of a survey of 200 global decision-makers in grocery retail, explores in detail the biggest challenges facing the store operations function today and what’s at stake if retailers don’t fix the health of their shelves now. It examines the impact of technology such as Computer Vision on operational efficiency, and reveals best practices adopted by progressive grocers to digitize their stores and optimize retail fundamentals.

If you are an Operations leader, or are in a role that involves in-store retailing, you will find answers to the following burning questions:

  • How much money am I losing due to store operation inefficiencies?
  • How can I improve stockout replenishment, overall compliance with headquarters’ goals, promotions, and merchandising resets?
  • How is Computer Vision helping leaders in my industry solve these challenges?
  • How do I get started on my store transformation journey?
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