Trax Retail Announces New CEO – Gary Laben

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Trax Retail, a leading innovator in data and technology reshaping the retail landscape, proudly announces the appointment of Gary Laben as its new Chief Executive Officer. With Laben at the helm, Trax is poised to spearhead its tech-infused, data-centric retail platform into a new era of growth, intensifying its focus on advancing its groundbreaking solutions tailored for CPG manufacturers, retailers, and consumers alike.

“As the trailblazer and frontrunner in retail innovation and execution, Trax stands at the brink of a groundbreaking era, ripe with opportunities to leverage emerging data streams and cutting-edge technology,” stated Laben. “I am genuinely excited to join forces with this exceptional team and am committed to enriching our existing solutions while pioneering new capabilities across our core sectors and beyond.”

Bring three decades of global expertise in information services and technology, Laben brings a wealth of experience in strategic planning, product development, operational excellence, and business transformation to his new role. As the CEO of Research Now, he orchestrated the successful merger with SSI, birthing Dynata, the globe’s foremost provider of fully-permissioned first-party data. Under his stewardship, Laben propelled revenue to triple and EBITDA to quadruple, working in tandem with a workforce spanning 5,500 employees across 40+ nations. He masterminded a strategic shift diversifying the company’s offerings beyond market research into media and advertising, a move that now fuels over a quarter of Dynata’s revenue. Through strategic mergers, acquisitions, and investments, Laben solidified Dynata’s position as the industry leader, renowned for delivering top-tier products, unparalleled customer service, and groundbreaking innovations.

Joel Bar-El, Executive Chairman of Trax, remarked, “Gary’s unparalleled blend of technology-driven information services expertise, demonstrated leadership, and trailblazing market and product development make him the perfect fit for Trax’s next chapter. With our steadfast momentum in the global retail landscape, we are investing in a leader who will propel Trax to new heights.”

Prior to his tenure at Dynata, Laben held pivotal roles such as Global Chief Data Officer at Wunderman and CEO of KBM Group, where he steered revenue to soar tenfold and operating profit to surge fifteenfold, propelling the company to the forefront of the global marketing services industry. Laben has also served in executive capacities at Experian, TRW, and Dun and Bradstreet.

In addition to his corporate achievements, Laben is an active investor, board member, and advisor to a plethora of companies and organizations, underscoring his commitment to driving innovation and transformation across industries.

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