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CPG sales executives looking to grow revenues and market share need to optimize in-store execution by understanding what’s happening at shelf level.

Trax for Sales

Transform store visits

Adopt a fully-automated way of collecting field data

Optimize field productivity

Empower teams to make every store a Picture of Success

Drive sales growth

Make better shelf decisions based on transparent, real-time insights

Digitize the store audit process

End manual store visits with image recognition-based mobile solutions that enable sales reps to rapidly capture field data that is more accurate, objective and trustworthy

Bring selling to the forefront

Divert up to 60% of the sales reps’ time spent auditing to fact-based selling with your customers based on transparent field insights.

Prioritize tasks

Guide your sales force with the right merchandizing actions to take in every visit with in-flight analytics on product presence, pricing and compliance.

Drive targeted actions

Whether you supervise large teams or oversee operations, get the right data to ensure that preventable shelf issues never come in the way of commercial excellence.

Improve coaching

Start your morning meetings armed with sales rep and store scorecards that help you impart timely tactical advice and direct sales efforts to high-priority accounts and stores.

Trust, but verify

Overcome the shortcomings of manual measurement and syndicated data by verifying KPIs with actual store images with shelf-level detail from the shopper’s perspective.

Expand coverage with Internet of Things

Don’t let rural or remote areas slip under your radar. Stay connected to the shelf, however hard to access, with Internet of Things technology.

Make your coolers Smart

Leverage retail IoT technology that uses embedded cameras on beverage coolers to automatically take photos and audit merchandising.

Turn strategy into reality at the PoS

Assign actions manually or automatically via SMS to the right sales rep based on real-time, accurate data on out of stocks, shelf share, purity levels and price compliance.

Since we started with Trax, our business has seen a double-digit net incremental uplift in sales volume in stores that used Trax as compared to stores that did not use Trax.

AB InBev, Route-to-Market Manager

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