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Innovation Summit 2020 – Blue Yonder

The time is now for compliance – Combining category management and IoT to bring compliance to the forefront, Todd McCourtie, Senior Director, NA Category Management, Blue Yonder

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Innovation Summit 2020 – Sanofi

Technology execution and commercial culture: Mark Jagger, Head of Commercial & Business Operations, International, Sanofi

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Innovation Summit 2020 – Keynote

The power to break through how to turn change into opportunity, Joel Bar-El, CEO, Trax

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Webinar: Covid-19 highlights opportunity for autonomous monitoring of on-shelf availability

How computer vision can save retailers from costly in-store execution issues.

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Webinar: Who says Perfect Store is Perfect?

Learn how “eyes in store” is helping leading CPG companies see the true value of perfect store execution to allow for course correction.

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Webinar: Leveraging In Store Execution Data to Build Your Category Strategy

4 easy ways to use in-store execution data to understand brand health, market innovation, optimal assortment and category performance

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Webinar: Elevate Your Shelf Game with Image Recognition and Machine Learning 

Get continuous visibility into shelving conditions and understand what drives success for you and the category with Trax and Nielsen’s path breaking data service

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Webinar: Drive Continuous Improvement at Shelf with Trax-Nielsen Shelf Intelligence

Continuous digitized measurement of shelf data can optimize macro space planning, store activation and shelf design.

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