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Infographic: Transformational retail gains – Calculating how shelf digitization pays off

This ROI infographic dives into how the Trax Retail Watch Calculator calculates the gains from shelf digitization. Download the infographic to know more.

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Infographic: Measure Store & Shelf Health – every hour, every day

Computer Vision solutions capture shelf reality and generate near-real time objective, actionable insights on a wide array of in-store conditions

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Infographic: Retail Execution Made Better with Eyes in the Store

Top CPG brands are transforming how they measure in-store execution and compliance by adopting technology that gives them “Eyes in the Store” to improve their shelf health.

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Infographic: How a UK brewing company increased category growth using Trax shelf data

A leading brewer in the UK uses computer vision to reduce audit time in the convenience channel and win at the shelf to boost on-shelf availability, increase shelf share and supercharge sales.

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