Webinar: Who says Perfect Store is Perfect?


Imagine having real-time insights at your fingertips to the performance of your Perfect Store program in the market? Whether you aim to maximize a well-developed Perfect Store strategy or build a picture of success from scratch, Trax captures in-outlet execution using computer vision to measure and set CPG driven Perfect Store, creating better shopping experiences and unlocking incremental sales.

Join Corliss Collier and John Lloyd from the Trax Client Advisory Partner organization to learn:

  • Why you need ‘Eyes in the store’ to drive CPG-driven Perfect Store strategy
  • How Trax provides real-time in-store execution insights
  • 3 stages to applying Trax data to execute and optimize Perfect Store strategy
    • Measure: How is my Perfect Store strategy being executed in the market?
    • Evaluate: What are the critical elements to consider when scoring my Perfect Store?
    • Set: How you can pressure-test your picture of success to continuously estimate and eclipse ROI benchmarks

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