Leading Beverage Alcohol Company

A leading beverage alcohol company 3Xed sales with Trax

One of the world’s largest producers of beers and spirits with over 200 brands needed an efficient and scalable way to delight customers while providing profitable recommendations at the outlet level.

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In growth

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Data points collected

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3x growth

in outlets where the program was deployed

The Challenge

With such a wide range of outlets and brands, it was difficult for this beverage company to develop a full view of their customers, consumers, and shoppers’ needs. The company needed a way to navigate their evolving retail reality in real-time, enabling them to deliver a better shopping experience without sacrificing margins.

The Results

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Increased shelf availability

Trax technology and image recognition was crucial to gaining an understanding of every shelf and outlet involved. By using in-store data and predictive analytics, they were able to gain granular SKU-level visibility to changing store conditions including placement, price and display and to take smart actions in store. Throughout the program, more than four million data points were collected in their region over the last two years alone.

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Actionable data and insights

The brand’s perfect store program with Trax delivered actionable real-time execution reports to drive the best performance in the field. Within seconds of uploading a shelf photo, your field force understands critical corrective actions to close execution gaps, achieve store targets and build better customer relationships with every store visit. By doing so, they were also able to boost incremental sales and work with customers to give each outlet specific standards and recommendations. This resulted in 3x faster growth in outlets that adopted these recommendations versus non-participating outlets.

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Integrated advanced analytics insights

With the help of Trax Retail Execution, their advanced analytics team was able to generate scorecards based on important KPI’s and provide targeted recommendations on how to improve each area. Not only did this information maximize growth for their business, but they were able to help their customers as well.

The bottom line

Trax Retail Execution empowered the company’s headquarters, regional leaders and field teams with a complete solution to optimize in-store execution and drive tangible business outcomes. Whether aiding their internal teams or supporting their customers, the implementation of Trax data and insights enabled the brand to give recommendations founded in shelf truth and optimize growth for their business.

Trax Retail Execution

Trax Retail Execution
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