When EBOOST needed to quickly establish their brand in major retailers they turned to Trax

How EBOOST works with Trax to build a national retail success. EBOOST is on a mission to disrupt the US energy drink market. Established by Josh Taekman and John McDonald in 2007, EBOOST helps people energize, replenish, and feed their well-being. Their drinks and other products are different to the established energy beverage brands - Non-GMO, Gluten & Soy free, No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Sweeteners, Low Sugar and High Quality Ingredients - providing people with a happier, cleaner way to energize.

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Within 6 months, EBOOST was the 1st, 2nd and 5th best performing beverage in Open Air Cooler.

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As a result, CVS provided EBOOST with national listings in 6k stores across USA

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This began a successful journey between EBOOST and Trax that has lasted 3 years and that continues on.

The Challenge

For EBOOST the big challenge is how to gain national scale when up against dominant energy drinks brands and some of the biggest selling products in USA retail. The answer was to select a sales channel and go deep within that channel; EBOOST chose CVS and launched in summer 2020 in 953 stores across every state in USA. The pressure was on for EBOOST to prove success. EBOOST enlisted Trax to gain optimum presence in open air coolers, to maximize its sales velocity from day one.

Matt Spolar
Matt Spolar
  • Speaking at Trax Disruptors Event, Jan. 2023

“Without Trax my brand simply wouldn’t be where it is today”

The Results

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Sales velocity nationally in CVS

In the second half of 2022, EBOOST was in 4,750 CVS stores across the USA and was keen to maximize visibility in every chiller. Trax initiated three projects to initially find problems, then fix them, before driving trial via sampling and driving sales and visibility with promotions and POS.

Data from each round was used to target action at specific stores and opportunities in the next round.

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2707 price tags placed

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4874 products restocked

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1889 door clings placed

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16500 product samples

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1368 products corrected inventory

The bottom line

EBOOST is now the #4 best-selling SKU in CVS, outperforming Red Bull 12oz and Bang.*

— *Source: AVG Unit Sales per facing; IRI, Total US-Multi Outlet + Convenience 52-weeks ending 12.4.22

Investment with Trax has doubled and tripled year over year.

With Trax, EBOOST gets:

  • Boots on the Ground, when and where needed
  • National Scale but dedicated visits
  • Accurate shelf data, including before and after photos
  • User-friendly dashboard, baseline for gaps and action
  • Data is key part of Sales Meetings
  • Sales increase from better availability and shelf presence

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