Retail Butterfly Effect

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Retail Butterfly Effect

1 promotion displayed incorrectly, 1000’s of products unsold, $100,000’s of revenue loss: This is the Butterfly Effect.

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One simple problem on the shelf has a huge impact on your sales.

For CPG and retail companies looking to boost sales or gain shelf space, the smallest detail can swing the sale one way or the other. If you get it right, the rewards are huge, if you get it wrong, you lose vital market share. The shelf is your battleground.

Here you can discover how to gain an unparalleled understanding of the shelf by harnessing technology to deliver fresh data, insights and merchandising services to power your sales at every shelf, every day.

What if you could harness a flexible, on-demand workforce to drive growth at point of sale and react to market and store conditions with precision and speed? Our highly experienced people are armed with leading edge technology to do just this, solving your merchandising needs and supporting your workforce.

Fixing the store starts by seeing the store – having a window into every store and every shelf is essential to maximizing revenue. But you need to know how to act on these insights. Our solutions deliver constant visibility in real-time, providing alerts and guidance to show you exactly how to keep the shelf at the optimum level.

Your how-to guide for taking back control of the shelf, our ebook offers new insights and opportunities for retailers and CPGs, boosting sales in a changing omni-channel retail landscape. Discover how you can create a sustainable strategy for the future that wins both the hearts and wallets of shoppers.

Only fast, accurate data direct from the shelf can drive truly successful future planning. By digitizing the shelf, you can uncover a wealth of accurate data and analytics to drive short-term and long-term strategies and realize powerful results.

Optimizing productivity at every level, across the supply chain and in every channel and store is essential for achieving profitable sales. It gives Retailers & CPGs the power to quickly automate manual tasks, react to changing market conditions, deploy promotions fast through data-driven merchandising and deliver targeted micro-execution with unparalleled speed.

Trax shelf data collection via mobile phone app, shelf cameras, dome cameras or autonomous robots removes manual audit tasks. That reduces inaccuracy and time searching for errors so your team can focus on fixing the shelf.

One of the biggest lessons of the pandemic for retailers and CPGs is the need for flexibility and agility to satisfy demanding consumers by identifying and keeping up with changing behaviours and shopping patterns. Missing items and inconsistent promotions damages customer loyalty – for both in-store and on-line shoppers. Instead, the shelf needs to grasp its potential to delight customers. Trax solutions show you how.

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