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Trax Retail Watch

Trax Retail Watch is a store monitoring and intelligence platform that helps retailers discover what’s happening in the aisles, quickly mobilize store staff for immediate in-store action, and elevate shopping experience.

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The shelf is arguably retail’s most powerful channel: Most decisions to purchase or switch brands are made by the shelf-edge. Trax Retail Watch is a cloud-based solution for retail executives to manage store execution strategically and increase operational efficiency while improving shopper conversion.

  1. Leverage next-gen technology
  2. Make every inch of store space count
  3. Collaborate using one platform

How it works


Shelf images are taken with mobile app, fixed cameras or robots


Shelf images captured are sent to the Trax cloud


SMS alerts are sent to store staff, and web reports are available to management teams

Retailers that use machine-learning technology for replenishment have seen its impact in many ways—for instance, reductions of up to 80 percent in out-of-stock rates, declines of more than 10 percent in write-offs and days of inventory on hand, and gross-margin increases of up to 9 percent.

McKinsey & Company, “The advantages of machine learning in replenishment”, Aug 2016

Features & Components

As a retail business, you are already data-rich. This is why our tools and dashboards are built with a bias for action, making smart decisions the business of everyone in your organization.

Shelf Optimizer

Shelf Optimizer is an intuitive mobile tool for store associates to measure and perfect their shelf effectiveness.

Eliminate manual store walks

Leverage our state-of-the-art mobile app to capture images of the shelf and deliver prioritised tasks based on pre-defined KPIs, e.g. out-of-shelf.

Motivate your store staff

Use in-built gamification features that allow store associates to track their own in-store execution performance, and earn points or monetary rewards for specific tasks

Store Manager Console

Store Manager Console provides your store managers with a complete view of store and staff performance to drive immediate actions on the floor.

Assign and delegate tasks

Get alerts and live feed on gaps in the store, like category-level assortment or planogram compliance, and easily redirect and streamline audit activities

Get the right data on any device, anytime

Access dashboards easily on any tablet and mobile device to visualize in-store KPIs, manage teams and reward star performers

IOT Console

With the IoT console, you can connect to store data captured by next-gen in-store devices like internet-enabled coolers, shelf-mounted cameras or autonomous robots.

Alerts on shelf level issues

- Missing & low products, irrelevant products
- Planogram compliance
- Easily aisle-level actions and alerts to store associates

Live Feed

- Stay up-to-date on all aisles, gondola ends and coolers: Out-of-shelf, planogram compliance, promotions, pricing and more
- Drill down to any IoT device in-store

Management Dashboard

Management Dashboard allows you to stop worrying about disparate data sources, and see all shelf metrics related to your category in one place.

Get category visibility on the shelf

Get intuitive dashboards that help you get answers to hard questions, e.g. how is the category moving in response to a promotion across different stores

Build effective category business plans

Get insights on assortment, pricing, promotions and planograms at various stores, and liaise with suppliers to execute shopper-centric strategies

The Store of the Future

Trax is at the forefront of AI revolution in retail. Partner with us to bring robots and automation to your supermarket aisles.


Trax and Fetch Robotics have partnered to create the first retail robot that automatically captures the current state of your store - shelves, products, pricing, promotions and more.

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Smart Shelf Labels

Trax and Pricer have developed smart digital price labels that leverage Computer Vision to monitor and display stock levels and planogram compliance in near real-time.

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Why Trax Retail Watch?

  • Leaders in Computer Vision Solutions

    Our breakthrough image recognition algorithms and deep learning platform are designed specifically for retail environments.

  • Real-time objective insights

    Digital shelf images and real-time reporting system provide the most objective base for actionable insights in every store, unlike traditional store walks

  • Smart and scalable platform

    Our revolutionary cloud-based platform and open, modern APIs gives you the flexibility to deploy and scale our solutions to your business needs

With the proliferation of cameras in our enterprise, Computer Vision will transform retail significantly over the next few years by bringing visibility to store level execution of promotions and supply chain planning. After working with many of the larger ISVs without success, we found a partner in Trax who will help us build a complete solution.

Jason Breazeale, Senior Manager, Ahold US

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