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Trax Retail Compass

Trax Retail Compass is a unique data science solution that unlocks growth levers for consumer goods companies and retailers by interpreting shelf conditions in the context of sales.

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Even minute changes to your product price, promotion timing or location on shelf can impact your sales. Trax Retail Compass delivers prescriptive research that analyses in-store conditions and sales to generate powerful insights that help you win the shelf moment of truth.

  1. Get retail data science designed for transparency
  2. Prioritize your growth drivers in the store
  3. Uncover hidden shelf opportunities

How it works


We combine shelf execution metrics with your sales data


Predictive modelling using data science


Actionable insights and recommendations

The bigger the data, the better the results. Trax has the world’s largest retail shelf database to ensure superior quality data. With experts in machine learning, classification, cluster analysis, data mining and more, we know the right questions to ask, manipulate data sets, and drive recommendations directly impacting your sales growth.

Research Pillars

Sales Driver Analysis

Understand which shelf execution lever (on-shelf position, display, SKU adjacency) affects sales, and by how much.

Execution Driver Analysis

Understand your current execution quality and get recommendations to drive sales results in each store

Price & Promotion

Ascertain price and promotional behaviour across markets and competitors over time, take timely decisions to drive sales

New Product Launch

Monitor, accelerate and evaluate your new product launches and measure their impact on the overall category.



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