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Artificial intelligence in the Asian Retail Industry – Applications and Trends

Emerj (formerly TechEmergence) has covered AI in retail extensively, and in this report, they dive into the Asian startups that are offering AI solutions to retailers. This report specifically covers vendors offering software across four use cases:

Visual Search

Shelf Space Management

Store Operations

Facial Recognition for Making Purchases

Trax processes pictures captured by the mobile apps and IoT cameras by sending them to the Trax database in the cloud, where the computer vision detects objects on the shelves and categorizes them. Meanwhile, the software compares the photos with images in its database. The software can then purportedly detect anomalies in the shelf lineup, such as new products on the shelf, competitors’ new packaging designs, or different product placements, among others. It can also detect when shelf space is empty.

This data could enable marketers and product developers to make more informed decisions about how to market and create products in response to competitor products.

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