Dynamic Merchandising for Emerging Brands

On-demand services from Trax combine in-store execution with retail analytics and shelf-level insights to help emerging and founder-led brands win at the shelf. Call us at 866-264-4496 to get started today!

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Win at the Shelf with Dynamic Merchandising

On-demand services that help emerging brands drive growth fast. Start your project in days not weeks!

Sales Activation

On-demand services that help emerging brands drive growth fast. Start your project in days not weeks!

Merchandising and Execution

Our on-demand workforce maximizes sales by ensuring key items are available for sale on shelves, end-caps, and displays.

Retail Data & Intelligence

Store-level data and photos are available in our dashboard for complete transparency, trends and analytics, and more.

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Brand Representation In Store

Our platform connects clients to teams of trained brand ambassadors, for a unique Experiential Marketing solution.

Featured Story

Flying Embers

Producing organic sparkling probiotic tea, the kombucha brand launched into 900 stores nationally, with a small sales team. Managing tight deadlines and a new nation-wide retail footprint, the team needed help for the “sprint to the shelf”.
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This leading brand in avocado based dressings and oils used Trax Dynamic Merchandising to improve in-store execution and brand representation, leveraging a 1.4 million strong, on-demand workforce for greater coverage and…
A burgeoning beverage manufacturer uses Dynamic Merchandising for greater visibility across stores, a firmer grasp on buyer behavior and to understand how shelf conditions are evolving.
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We work with hundreds of emerging and founder-led brands.
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