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Solutions Engineer

SÃO PAULO · Full-time · Experienced

About The Position

The Position 

Solutions Engineer

About Trax

Trax’s mission is to enable brands and retailers to harness the power of digital technologies to produce the best shopping experiences imaginable. Trax’s retail platform allows customers to understand what is happening on shelf, in every store, all the time so they can focus on what they do best – delighting shoppers. Many of the world’s top CPG companies and retailers use Trax’s dynamic merchandising, in-store execution, shopper engagement, market measurement, analytics, and shelf monitoring solutions at scale to drive positive shopper experiences and unlock revenue opportunities at all points of sale. As pioneers in computer vision, Trax continues to lead the industry in innovation and excellence through development of advanced technologies and autonomous data collection methods. Trax is a global company with hubs in the United States, Singapore and Israel, serving customers in more than 90 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit www.traxretail.com. 


Job Description 

We are seeking to hire a Solutions Engineer to work hand in hand with our sales team. This person will need strong interpersonal skills to maintain relations with clients, support them when needed, and develop a solid understanding of their needs to provide highly customized solutions. This person will need to have experience with sales cycles from a technical standpoint, and be able to grasp intricacies of a highly technical product.


  • Be an integral part of the commercial team, focusing on the pre-sales documentation and solution planning for upcoming deals with a priority on scalable sales growth.
  • Collaborate with the sales team to formulate and achieve the retail execution strategy for potential CPG/FMCG clients.
  • Validate in tandem with Trax sales directors that our solutions align with client needs and work together to develop strategies for closing sales.
  • Document technical and operational details to ensure seamless execution by all relevant teams post-sale.
  • Coordinate with the operations and delivery departments to ensure smooth execution after a successful sale.
  • Harness your in-depth product understanding to craft impactful narratives and conduct product demonstrations, emphasizing Trax's distinctive value in addressing client challenges.
  • Engage proactively with potential clients to gauge how Trax can be integrated into their wider technological strategies and subsequently outline scopes, list deliverables, and design workflows.
  • Draft detailed technical guidelines for the professional services team, transforming client requirements into implementable actions.
  • Collaborate with the Product, R&D, and Professional Services teams, facilitating feedback collection, advocating for innovative solutions, and rolling out product improvements.
  • Partner with internal teams and external stakeholders to prepare RFI/RFP submissions and address security-related queries.
  • Dedicate yourself to continuous learning, aiming to deepen your expertise about Trax products and stay updated on the latest trends in the CPG industry.

Minimum Qualifications 

  • Fluency in English and Spanish (written and verbal proficiency)
  • Proven experience in supporting and finalizing strategic/Enterprise deals with sales cycles exceeding 2 months.
  • Demonstrated technical specification and documentation abilities (via Jira, etc.).
  • Mastery in business and technical presentations, robust communication skills (oral & written), and adept relationship-building across varied managerial levels.
  • Effective leadership, capable of guiding and inspiring both internal and external stakeholders. Ability to live in the details but communicate your ideas simply across the organization.
  • Strong negotiation skills; adeptness in persuading clients and achieving internal alignment for large-scale deals.
  • A fervent desire for continuous learning, especially in understanding new technologies.

Preferred Qualifications 

  • Tri-lingual: fluency in English, Spanish, and Portuguese (written & verbal proficiency)
  • Prior work experience within the CPG industry or with technology firms serving major players in the CPG sector.
  • A significant tenure in rapidly expanding start-ups/scale-ups undergoing frequent strategy and process shifts.
  • Familiarity with APIs, SDKs, FTP, and deep linking integrations.
  • Basic command over SQL.
  • Domain expertise in field task management/salesforce automation solutions for the CPG industry, like Salesforce, SAP, etc.

Objective Success Metrics for the Role:

  • Sales Growth and Scalability:

Achieve on-target sales bookings through effective pre-sales documentation and solution planning, per annual operating plan.

  • Alignment and Sales Closure Rate:

Achieve on-target rate close rate on qualified opportunities.

Achieve on-target average time to close metric through effective collaboration with Trax sales directors and crafting impactful narratives.

  • Operational Efficiency:

Achieve on-target scoping accuracy metrics to minimize post-launch issues or client feedback.

  • Client Engagement and Integration:

Secure positive feedback scores from internal and external clients regarding the clarity and utility of Trax's integration proposals and demonstrations.

  • Continuous Learning and Product Expertise:

Participate in at least 1 professional development session or course related to the CPG industry (and supporting industry best practices) annually.


Trax is committed to a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace where all team members, whatever their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education, or disability, feels valued and respected. We are committed to a nondiscriminatory approach and maintaining an inclusive environment with equitable treatment for all.

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